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free market knowing or free minds?

I like this article's examination of the specialization of knowledge, and how knowledge 'scarcity' via specialization...a sort of free market economic 'niche' principle for 'furthering' knowledge...can promote a sense of personal or group inclusion or exclusion...and in truth I believe that specialization, or concentration in limited arenas of knowing, creates greater alienation than cohesion within communities. Are we getting smarter overall by always following the path of specialization? But how would that be measured? (Yikes! How would we know which way of knowing is better? Aagh! Angst! Philosophers need to duke this one out!) At the very least, perhaps we need a system of 'checks and balances', as in government structures, to allow knowledge to grow in more complex, rhizomatic and integrated ways, beyond the confines of specialization. Free the mind!

Patty Holmes more than 2 years ago



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