Writing Workshops

Geist runs up to 12 hands-on writing workshops a year, taught by writers and editors from across Canada.

Upcoming workshops:

There are no upcoming workshops at this time.

Past workshops:

Celebrating the Vintage Postcard with Christine Lai The writing workshop will begin with a brief discussion on the history of the postcard, followed by three writing sessions, during which attendees will compose short pieces inspired by postcards. Fiction, poetry, essay, ekphrasis, song lyric—all genres are welcome! Postcards will be provided, and at the end of the workshop, attendees get to take 3 vintage postcards home, along with some new literary compositions.

Comix Club for Femme, Trans and Non-binary Artists with Luca Cara Seccafien

A space for fellow comix and graphic artists to meet up and review each other's works. This workshop will help with providing feedback on your work-in-progess, leaving you with new insight into your own project and feeling inspired by the work of others.

Self Promotion for Writers with Trevor Battye & Suzanne Norman 

Whether you're self-publishing or working with a publisher, this workshop will give you a greater understanding of what you can do to increase your digital reach. 

The Art of the Sentence with Stephen Osborne

Learn how to craft strong sentences that cut straight to the heart of the story by using strong verbs and precise language, and how to spot trouble by rooting out excessive modifiers, insalubrious emphasis and weak constructions.

How to Write More Honestly with Sheila Heti

Explore issues surrounding your unique perspective, the one thing that separates you from the rest of the world. Learn how to anchor your writing in your own point of view and avoid imitating forms that aren't distinctly your own.

From Diary to Graphic Narrative with Sarah Leavitt

Get introduced to writing a graphic memoir, with lots of drawing and writing exercises and a little bit of discussion. Learn the basics of composition, focus, viewpoint and story.

The Art of Talking the Talk with Ivan Coyote

Transform your nervous energy into a memorable reading—learn how to select material, prepare your work for performance, memorize (or not) and make your body language work for you.

Getting It Into Print with Billeh Nickerson

Get valuable tips from an industry professional, including the key do's and don'ts of cover letters and what writers can learn from rejection letters (believe it!).

Writing the Narrative Scene with Caroline Adderson

Study examples of successful narrative scenes, analyze their elements, including the effective use of dialogue, and, of course, write them.

The Art of the Short Review with Patty Osborne

A workshop for anyone who wants to write what they think—in a few strong sentences. Valuable to those who want to write reviews or clear, succinct blog postings.

Creative Blender with Elee Kraljii Gardiner

Discuss strategies for unblocking writer’s block and together try some of the writing prompts Elee has honed in seven years of facilitating workshops.

Plotting Your Storyline with Caroline Adderson

Examine elements of fiction (character, conflict, theme) and see how they combine to create plot, review different types of plots and diagnose common plotting problems.

The Art of Travel Writing with Marcello Di Cintio

Learn the art of observation, descriptive writing techniques and how to develop the people you meet on your travels into engaging characters.