Treason of the Librarians

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If only this were an isolated case

I work in a university library in Ontario. All of this is familiar and in fact underway where I work.

onlibrarian more than 1 year ago

An Eloquent Lament

Stephen Henighan writes an elegy. We frequent our local library's book sales because they are throwing away wonderful books. A historic building with 19th century woodwork, it housed a genuine 16th century conquistador's armor helmet and a chain mail shirt, which the children learned was a hauberk. They used to be front and center, but now have been stored away as too old fashioned for the new look of the library. So history is literally lost.

Thumbing through card catalogs was another of the thrills of the library. The epiphany Mr. Henighan writes about in finding a book beside the one your were searching for can also come with a mis-thumbing of the cards. The cards no longer exist in any of our libraries in Eastern Maine. We, however, have a wall of books at home stacked double-deep, and our now-grown children used to come from the library with boxes of books. A welter of books is an invitation to sit down and read. We can only do our best to keep the love of the book alive.

Richard Merrill more than 1 year ago

Dystopia U

It seems to me quite unusual that Stephen Henighan would hide the name of the university the library of which has the arrangements he criticizes. To do so papers over the practices and lets other libraries know that they can get away with such practices with a mere slap on the wrist from cultural critics.

Rowland Lorimer more than 1 year ago