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HA! I could feel all of it.

Alison Hughes more than 4 years ago

There are some lovely things

There are some lovely things said here, and I will try to find a few that seemed charming.

"I feel like I have wasted so many years thinking, but maybe that’s unfair."
"The street is for a sin gle moment remark ably free of cars."
"Did some one just put some thing into the can, or am I hallucinating?"
"I am nostal gic for the morn ing, before I knew what I now know about the can, when I was still opti mistic, and felt the still ness of the world, and every detail interested me."
"Everyone was in love with the brides maid last night, but every one loved the bride. "
"There is no keep ing any thing as it was. "
"It is a mis take to think that one can work after noon. The brain gets caught up in the activ ity of the world around twelve, then grows tired. From the stim u la­tion or from the same ness? I know that boy rid ing by on that bicy cle. "
"Can a woman help want ing to attract men? Does a garbage can feel like a garbage can if it does not attract garbage? "

I could be here all morning doing this, I think it's enough. You get the idea. Some jewels here, amidst the repetition.

Caitlin Hicks more than 5 years ago



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