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Love this. I was able to see this whole encounter unfold. It is a delightful account of an encounter with the "good one"...Trev.

Shirley more than 2 years ago


Loved it. And of course, we all love Trev -- who travels in economy, not because we think he's blown his money, but just because he's 'one of the guys'.

Pamela Kent more than 2 years ago

The Definition of Class

Trevor was kind enough to drop the puck at my school's grad vs. staff hockey game this year (I teach, but did not play). There were raffle draws for "Meet-and-Greets" with Trevor, but he met and talked with far more than just the six winners. Not a single person who approached him was ignored; maybe not everyone got a picture or an autograph, but he acknowledged every person who approached him with a smile, a few words, and a handshake. I don't know if I have ever met someone who is so loved (even worshipped) who is affected so little by the adulation. Trevor is the epitome of class.

Andrew more than 2 years ago



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