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Obituaries are becoming a lost art; especially in major newspapers. You have to scan established newspapers around the world to find a good one. rgm

Rob G McEwen more than 1 year ago


Excellent obituaries are published daily in The Telegraph

There is a paywall but it doesn't come into effect until you have looked at a number of articles - do not recall how many but it is large enough not to be a serious obstacle.

One interesting obituary is


"It was as obituaries editor of The Daily Telegraph from 1986 to 1994 that he found the perfect fulfilment for his gifts. First, though, he had to reinvent the whole concept of the form, substituting for the grave and ceremonious tribute the sparkling celebration of life."

Worth a look.

Bob Gordon more than 1 year ago

Nguyen Chi Thien

What a lovely image, Thad. Thanks.

Patty more than 1 year ago



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