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Gender equality in writing

I disagree with this perspective significantly. Editors should be making gender & race part of their editorial mandate?? What!? The only thing editors need to look for is high-quality writing that people want to read. If women writers aren't getting published, they need to consider whether their articles or stories are relevant & extremely well-written, and that's it. I despise the idea that someone's writing might be more likely tone considered simply because they have a vagina or brown skin or a brown vagina, for that matter. It's just as silly as suggesting more blonde-haired folks should get published.
If editors want to see more content about women or women's issues, or about race issues, they can screen for those particular topics. But if the writing doesn't make us want to read, it's inferior and we'll stop buying your magazine. The words are what count, not the politically correct affirmative action policies. What is the world coming to? Next thing you know, everyone will be worrying that there's not enough writing by iguanas...who cares if they can't write?

Penelope more than 3 years ago



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