Emily Chou
My Dad's Brother

(Or What Does Drowning Look Like).

Debra Rooney
Weird Jobs

Who puts those little stickers on the apples in the grocery store?

Cursed Hermit

Don't mess with Madame Larmer's mojo.

Nicola Winstanley
Wall Spirits

Nicola Winstanley's comic on hearing spirits in the walls at a foster when she was young.

Castles, Countesses, and Cat Women

Kelsea O'Connor on queer lovers, gothic horror and fairy tale themes.

A Hockey Romance
Eve Corbel
Greeting Cards for Tiny Occasions

Eve Corbel creates a set of greeting cards to celebrate life's best and worst mundane moments.

Alison McCreesh
Tuque, Socks and Nothing Else

Alison McCreesh encounters snow in May, a bemused gas station attendant and a dumpster to cook behind on a trip across Canada.

Eve Corbel
Guide to Literary Footwear

Espadrille, paduka, chopine—Eve Corbel illustrates a guide for readers on some of the fanciest footwear found in literature.

Michael Hayward
Purveyors of Electric Fans

Review of "Clyde Fans" by Seth.

Eve Corbel
Bus Without Pity

How did the 99 B-Line bus route come to be the locus of the most heartless transit rides in Greater Vancouver?

Chelsea Novak
Canadian Comic Book Hero Takes on the World!

Feb 10, 2010 ... I am starting a blog about comic books. I have been reading comics since I was in junior high school and I had to walk to the corner store to ...

Matsuki Masutani
Agnes, Murderess

In pursuit of gold.

Meags Fitzgerald

Meags Fitzgerald illustrates the early history of one of the first ever photo booths and its creator, a stuttering inventor from rural Ontario.

Chelsea Novak
Merc #1: A Bloody Sci-Fi Tale

Merc #1: A Bloody Sci-Fi Tale. by Chelsea Novak

Michael Hayward
To the Moomins! (And Beyond)

Michael Hayward reviews Moomin: The Deluxe Anniversary Edition by Tove Jansson, a collection of comic strips that contain "the poetry of our world: sad, joyful, dangerous, enchanting."


From Nothing to See Here by Howard Chackowicz. Published by Conundrum Press in 2019.

Eve Corbel
Yes No Good Bye

Eve Corbel marks historic Ouija board milestones and talks to the spirit of a pirate queen and Ringo Starr's great great grandmother.

Miriam Libicki
Who Gets Called an Unfit Mother?

"The secret that I was a bad mother was a tightness in my chest I carried everywhere."

Réal Godbout
Kafka in Clayton, OK

Are you an engineer? Are you sure?

Dakota McFadzean
Duck Thoughts

The odd duck out.

Nina Bunjevac
Letters to Manitora

Nina Bunjevac's homesick father receives hundreds of mis-addressed letters and postcards from Serbian penpals.

Literary Festival Field Guide

Roni Simunovic catalogues types of literary festival attendees: the jaded art student, the CanLit socialite, the overworked publisher and more.

Eve Corbel
Old Women Cry at Weddings

Eve Corbel on marriage and what comes after the wedding: the monster mortgage, the dreary housework, the contemptuous in-laws and more.