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Working from home in the suburbs can be a little dull but last Thursday morning, as I sat at my computer, a tall, dark-haired and slightly scruffy man knocked on my door to deliver a laser toner cartridge and while I was signing the waybill he asked me just what my company (Vancouver Desktop Publishing) was all about and I told him I design and lay out books.

"Hey, I’ve got a book," he said, and when I told him I could help him publish it he got all excited and wrote down my web address and my phone number. We got talking about different printing options and I asked him if the book was of local interest or would it have a wider audience.

"Oh, it’s worldwide," he said, "Every country needs a truth party! That's what the book is about: I'm the founder of the Truth Party. You can see me on youtube."

We shook hands a couple of times and he promised to look at my website and I promised to send him some information and then he bounded back to his van and drove away. I liked him, despite or because of his interesting notions, and then I watched him on Youtube and I liked him even more:



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