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I am currently writing a letter

I was drawn into reading this posting because I have been composing a letter for over a week. It is being written to an old childhood friend. I had decided, since I have known him for 20 years now, that I would go back to how we used to communicate when we were children. I have found that my writing at first was awkward and a tad messy but have now found that I have found my old familiar groove and gladly recognize my old hand-writing! I am excited to take a stroll to the post office to add some stamps and send it off. I have also found some old postcards that I thought I would send off to some of my other friends across Canada...I wonder if they will recognize my hand-writing?

Gisela more than 14 years ago

i hope they still teach

i hope they still teach cursive writing in school -- but they're probably teaching kids about blogs and tweets now.

long life the art of penmanship !

kristin more than 14 years ago

Lost, Indeed

Penmanship is certainly a lost art. I was so excited when my older sister taught me to write my name cursively. I think my current penmanship has degraded back to those first days of awkwardly connecting each letter, but now I write with less concentration and care, so I'm afraid it looks even worse.

crystallitis more than 14 years ago

A+ blog post

I was all about the "a" with flair! Then I realized how impractical it was and started texting.

sarah more than 14 years ago

the new penmanship

Such a wonderful post. It's so true that I am deeply familiar with the way the people in my life communicate electronically - the !!!'s the ~'s the ...'s, but I can't easily remember what my partner of 5 year's handwriting looks like.

Carolyn more than 14 years ago


I echo your thoughts. Just the other day, my father-in-law, who is teaching in Brazil, asked me what I wanted him to bring me back from the tropical paradise. I asked for stationary. I too have decided to resurrect the art of the handwritten note.

Elissa Joy more than 14 years ago


Can you recommend a straightforward short book or series to help our writing group get better at writing? Thanks!

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