Lucy, You Got Some Smokin' to Do

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Only thing I disliked about the show

Lucy and Desi were very heavy smokers and it caught up with them in a relatively short time. They both did not age well on the show! By the end of the series, they both looked pretty haggard. Lucy's voice deepened and sounded bad. Fred and Ethel were not smokers, but there were a few episodes where they insisted them to be holding cigarettes in their hands. I don't know how a lot of the other actors could stand being around the set with all that second-hand smoke. In the later episodes, such as their European trip, there was barely one scene where Ricky wasn't smoking or having a cigarette in his hand. It was that bad. I find iit amazing that someone whose career was being a singer would smoke.

Rachel Adams more than 1 year ago

I see pictures of Vivian Vance holding a cigarette in one of her hands!! Vivian is with Lucille Ball in some of or most of these pictures!!

same as above

Michele Suzanne Cote more than 2 years ago

Ethyl loved Lucy, but not cigarettes.

Vivian Vance hated the smell of cigarettes. She enjoyed champagne, and on the show, smoked once or twice. But, in real life she did not smoke.

Brad Solberg more than 2 years ago

Death by Smoking

Lucy was a heavy smoker leading to the cause of her death. Desi was a heavy smoker. He and Gary Morton both died form lung cancer.

Jon Michaels more than 4 years ago

I love lucy smoking episodes

I disagree regarding I LOVE LUCY episodes with Fred and Ethel smoking. I am an avid ILOVE LUCY guru and never saw Fred or Ethel with a cigarette!!

Linda more than 5 years ago

I Love Lucy smoking episodes

There was one episode that I remember that Fred and Ethel were smoking on the Ricardo’s couch with Ricky and Lucy. I don’t remember any other episode, though. I hated watching anyone smoking then and now.

Cindy more than 3 years ago


Ethel and Fred did Smoke.
Not as often as Ricky and very vivid episode where they all smoked was the episode Equal Rights..they were in the restaurant.

Brandy more than 3 years ago

Lucy and Philip Morris

Now I know why my mum smoked Philip Morris! The soft packages were left lying around our fifties bungalow in Toronto and I remember Mum lighting up with her morning coffee and her before dinner drink. For special occasions she had beautifully gold-tipped Balkan Sobranis; we (the kids) were so impressed by the colours - deep turquoise, red and yellow. These classy cigarettes sat in silver cigarette cases lined with cedar I think, brought out for parties. When we became teenagers we noticed that Mum was just puffing, not ever inhaling. We teased her about this and, never one to be left behind by her kids, she began to inhale. Her cigarette consumption stepped up several notches and she became a real smoker. Philip Morris was the beneficiary of our bad example to my mother; she ended up being the only heavy smoker in the family. Always a very sophisticated one.

Sheila Koop more than 8 years ago