Canadian Comic Book Hero Takes on the World!

Chelsea Novak

Hi. I am Chelsea and I am not only a huge Scott Pilgrim fan (so excited for the movie), but also a new volunteer here at Geist. I am starting a blog about comic books. I have been reading comics since I was in junior high school and I had to walk to the corner store to buy them because the lone comic store in town freaked me out, and my mom didn’t like driving me there anyway. Eventually I moved to Edmonton , where they had more than one comic store and where I even ended up managing one. This is where I started to meet the many boys and girls who write, draw, ink, colour, and otherwise help produce comic books in Canada .

Through this blog I would like to introduce you to the Canadians who create sequential art and the books that they help create. The most important thing to remember about comics is that they are more often than not a group effort and I will not only endeavor to introduce Canadians working in different areas of the comic book industry, but to share their diverse approaches to this complex genre.

Stay tuned for fun, exciting interviews!

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Chelsea Novak

Chelsea Novak’s work has appeared in Other Voices and Front & Center and in Geist. She lives in Vancouver.


Dakota McFadzean

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The odd duck out.



Myles Wirth tells the story of Tsutomu Yamaguchi, oil tanker designer and survivor of bombings at both Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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