East Van End Times Army


Second prize winner of the 7th Annual Geist Literal Literary Postcard Story Contest.

I’ve got the broccoli and you’ve got the kale. Joey’s got a knife and Mary’s got a gun without bullets. The goats are making milk and we’re making cheese. Tonight we’ll party with nicotine patches, pilfered brandy from the judge’s house.

Miguel’s in the basement brewing dandelion wine. Brenda found fake blood packs in a Victorian closet and I never did give away my eyepatch. The fire’s roaring; barricaded door. The stew’s bubbling and the windows are covered.

Let’s pretend it’s not the end of the world.



Jen Currin is the author of three books: The Sleep of Four Cities (Anvil), ­Hagiography (Coach House) and The Inquisition Yours (Coach House), winner of the Audre Lorde Poetry Award. She lives in Vancouver, where she teaches creative writing.


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