Nettie, Rose, Daphne and Ginger

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Nettie, Rose, Daphne, and Ginger

I was with my Maritime great-aunts Vi, Tottie, Hazel, and Gladys, the whole way through. Wish I could write like that! Brilliant!

Joyd more than 2 years ago

Great Winning piece!

Oh, what a lovely lovely piece you've created! Reminds me of the stream-of-consciousness bit at the end of Ulysses... but of course, it's not. LOL :D

Laura Lovic-Lindsay more than 8 years ago

interesting switch at the end.

I'm very very impressed with that sorta "Auntie Vi" old lady colloquial language. Great use of matter of fact idle gossip with juicy bits ... poh my, ya don't say?!
Very charming and definitely a wee sad/maudlin ... but it's absolutely a time capsule (even if without any specific time). I'm curious about the switch from they TO we ... I kinda get it ... but it's just that it threw ME off a bit (nothing WRONG with that) - I was ALL along reading I suppose like dearly departed old Auntie Violet ... It's too bad she's not around here anymore to share her postcard like stories about life in Canada between the wars ... especially a woman's perspective.

Christopher Small more than 9 years ago

Literary imagings from postcard

Very nicely done, but no mention of the Wars, other events that people often use to mark time.

Tanya Middlebro' more than 9 years ago