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Profound writing. I enjoyed the surprise of realizing the author used spaces, instead of commas, to spoon the thoughts together. The writer helped to de-stigmatize grief, is unabashedly sentimental, and gives us an insight into the complexity of uptight taboos on death and dying. This is important writing.

Jean Oliver more than 10 years ago

postcard story contest

Sorry. I have to agree. I would't say pitifully sentimental, but perhaps sophomoric. Not sure what the editor's comment means?? Did the editor's at Geist add 100 words or so?

deafdog more than 11 years ago

Re: concerns

Like all submissions to Geist, winning contest entries are edited and revised. For ethical reasons it is our policy not to change a contest-winning work structurally or stylistically, but editorial revisions do take place.

Chelsea Novak more than 11 years ago

winner postcard story contest

Was the guideline for submission 500 words ish, plus or minus 20 percent? This must be frustrating for other writers who submitted and stuck to the guidelines. I won't comment on the quality of this story, but it should not have been in contention since it exceeds the word count.

Jane Cawthorne more than 11 years ago


I agree, I'm disappointed in this one. Some people are doing really interesting things with postcard fiction these days, and this seems trite, too-familiar, stereotypically 'Canadian' (which does nothing for it's merit; it feels simply inserted.)
Suffice to say, I'm more than a tad confused, Geist.

DHM more than 11 years ago

You've Lost Me

Not only is this text 100 words above the 500 word max. limit as per the submission requirements, but as a story it is sophomoric and pitifully sentimental.

I expected better from Geist. Cancel my subscription.

Gabriel Sinduda more than 11 years ago