Eve Corbel

Angloman, by Mark Shainblum and Gabriel Morrissette (Nuage), is a comic book for Canada in the '9s: it lampoons everybody in the Franco-Anglo wars and it sends up superhero comics at the same time. Meet Angloman (in real life named, anglically, Eaton M. McGill), "a champion of bilingualism and tolerance, and dumber than a post," as he moves through Montreal struggling with le Capitaine Souche, who looks a lot like Jacques Parizeau; Blocman, who looks a lot like-well, you know; Sgt. Preston of the Loonies; and so on. My favourite is Poutinette, who can stop anyone in their tracks with a column of poutine fifteen feet thick. Shainblum and Morrisette had a lot of fun doing this book, in which they sock it to the Bloc, the Nordiques, the Commonwealth, cholesterol-phobia, Generation X, West Island computer nerds—they even take a jab or two at k.d. Lang & Keanu Reeves. Some of the jokes were a bit too local for me, but so what? Angloman is good writing, good satire and good Canadian fun.

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Eve Corbel

Eve Corbel is a writer, illustrator, cartoonist, mom and grandma. Her writing and artwork have been published in numerous anthologies and periodicals, including Geist.



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