Brotherhood of the Wolf

Blaine Kyllo

Brotherhood of the Wolf, the highest grossing film in the history of French cinema, is a surprise. I thought it was going to be a werewolf movie, which would have been fine, but it is an action-packed tale of political intrigue set during the reign of Louis XV. It’s an interesting and accomplished film that defies categorization, with unlikely heroes: a French naturalist and his Canadian Mohawk blood brother, who has moves that would keep Jackie Chan busy. The only thing that compromised my viewing pleasure was that I had to suffer through an English dub. I much prefer subtitles, which allow me to comprehend the dialogue while hearing the real thing.

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Jeremy Colangelo

i is another

"my point that / i is but a : colon grown / too long"

Gabrielle Marceau

Main Character

I always longed to be the falling woman—impelled by unruly passion, driven by beauty and desire, turned into stone, drowned in flowers.

Michael Hayward

Sitting Ducks

Review of "Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands" by Kate Beaton.