Buds Kissing Buds


Chuck Tingle writes hilarious, absurd satirical gay erotica. I purchased on Amazon ebooks Slammed in the Butthole by my Concept of Linear Time (Amazon Digital Services), a story in which a man has sex with time itself personified as a buff man with a clock for a head, and I’m Gay for My Living Billionaire Jet Plane (Amazon Digital Services), in which a man falls in love with an airplane named Keith. The stories, or “tinglers,” as the author calls them, are incredibly funny and entertaining—in one, a protagonist asks Tingle if he could use the word “butthole” instead of “anus,” because he says “anus” sounds too clinical. Other “tingler” titles include Bigfoot Pirates Haunt My Balls, Pounded in the Butt by My Own Butt, Schrodinger’s Butt, Oppressed in the Butt by my Inclusive Holiday Coffee Cups and Pounded by the Pound: Turned Gay by the Socioeconomic Implications Of Britain Leaving the European Union. When Tingle was asked in an interview why he writes what he does, he wrote, “Reason to write tinglers is to prove that love is real for all who kiss. saw a man on TV talking about buds kissing buds and he said ‘oh whats gonna happen if we let buds kiss buds whats next are they gonna kiss PLANES TOO?’ so i thought ‘YES ALL LOVE IS REAL WE SHOULD KISS PLANES because they are HANDSOME.’” Each “tingler” costs between two and four dollars.

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Jeremy Colangelo

i is another

"my point that / i is but a : colon grown / too long"

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Review of "The Betrayal of Anne Frank: A Cold Case Investigation" by Rosemary Sullivan.

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Review of "Wanda" written and directed by Barbara Loden, "Suite for Barbara Loden" by Nathalie Léger, translated by Natasha Lehrer and Cécile Menon and "Wanda" by Barbara Lambert.