Chomsky and Co.

Leah Rae

Rule number one for aspiring filmmakers: filming the street though the dirty windshield of your car on the way to the interview is not interesting, even if your subject is. Rule number two: if you happen to have an interesting subject for your film—Noam Chomsky, for example—don’t interrupt him constantly in order to translate what he is saying into French. Rule number three: if you have broken rule number two, don’t try to make up for it by editing out the French parts, creating a cinematic flipbook of Chomsky’s talking head. Although Chomsky and Co., directed by Daniel Mermet and Olivier Azam, has its interesting moments, it left me wondering what the theme of the film was. That the world is full of evil-doers? That those in power are often corrupt? I know that. I got the same information from the last Batman movie.

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Part of the Crowd

Review of "Crowded Mirror" by Sheila Delany.

Michael Hayward

Wanda x 3

Review of "Wanda" written and directed by Barbara Loden, "Suite for Barbara Loden" by Nathalie Léger, translated by Natasha Lehrer and Cécile Menon and "Wanda" by Barbara Lambert.

Mazzy Sleep

Heart Medicine

"You have bruises / There was time / You spent trying to / Heal them. / As in, time wasted."