Church on Queen

Tiffany Hsieh

Our people ran a church on Queen. Ba, Ma, my brother and I went there after we came here and met some of our people who went to our people’s church. In the beginning we didn’t know what kind of people we should be gathering with or where we should be gathering with them. We went to the church on Queen on Sundays when our people gathered.We gathered with them for potlucks, to buy a used car, to play softball, to sing. Some of our people prayed and we prayed with them. We bowed our heads, peeping. We opened the Bible, pretending. We listened to the sermon, slouching. We made friends with some of our people who we sometimes gathered with on days other than Sundays and in places other than the church on Queen. Most of them we wouldn’t have been friends with back home but here they are our people and we are friends.

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Tiffany Hsieh

Tiffany Hsieh was born in Taiwan and moved to Canada at the age of fourteen with her parents. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in The Malahat Review, Poet Lore, Room, Salamander, The Shanghai Literary Review, Sonora Review, The /temz/ Review and other publications. She lives in southern Ontario with her husband and dog.


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