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In 1944 the German high command tried to control the advance of American and other Invasion forces by placing directional signs in opposite directions. The news and newspaper business also has the signs p;ointing the wrong direction. Virtually all global news events are redacted to fit the different ideologies. Much later will we see the true facts being pulled from the rubble of truth. I see more and more smaller elements stepping away from the broader
news reports. Some of it is because of the availabilty of the internet. It is still the Journalist, who digs and discovers, who wrires and publishes a point of view. Are we to believe there are no more idealists out there? No more Woodwards and Bernstein? I hope not, maybe they are not as well known, but who looked into the weapons of mass destruction, the absence or existence of them? As Global News or the giants like Hollinger get caught in international controversy, I hope some of the little guys will take the void and fill it again with a better, more true reporting. The latest reports from North Africa are a make believe, censored and
redacted style of reporting. The truth is we are creating another larger Afghanistan. And in the so much touted strife for democratic ideas, we have the readers eat the BS like swiss chocolate. But at least Swiss chocolate is neutral, not like the political agendas involved of North American Press.

Erich Kreppenhofer more than 12 years ago