Blind Man Dance

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Growing up and never really knowing

I grew up with teoni. She was my prom date even, but thru those years I never knew I was in the home of a man who would help rectify the wrongs done to him and the indigenous people. A man who was put thru hell by people in power. I knew back then that he had won a case but that's all it was a case. Here I am now almost 20 years later, reading and realizing. This man was changing the future. This man was opening the eyes of Canada to a injustice that never should have happened in the first place. A man whom welcomed me into his home without prejudice of my skin colour or background. A man who was fighting to be herd and yet so quiet. I now wonder if all those times I walked into their home to see him quietly typing away on his computer changing history and I dint even know it. My respect for the entire fred family is endless. Tho I haven't kept in contact since high-school I look back fondly on the memories in their home and I speak proudly that I got to meet and be around a great man who has done great things

Raymond Bell-Surette more than 2 years ago

blind man dance

this writing, so full of feeling gently expressed, so full of information lightly given, is perfect. how do i know to say
that? because when i decided to make a comment i realised that a tear had rolled down my face. big cheers, mm

malcolm roberton more than 3 years ago