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What mothers love...

I too inherited my mother's box of sewing notions and her love of all things beautiful and unique...her Pfaff sewing machine wasn't working by the time she died but I remember her sitting at it in the evenings, whirring away, mending or piecing together a dress for me or one of my sisters...thank you for this lovely piece. It brought back wonderful memories.

Margaret more than 11 years ago

Dear Mrs. Vandervoort,

Dear Mrs. Vandervoort,
Thanks for sharing your heart like this. All of us who have lost a mother (or a loved one) will immediately understand what you are talking about. How our lives, like it or not, are weaved in relation to the others, and as such, in their absence, we need to fill-in for them, with our memories that spring as they never did before. Objects and spaces acquire a new meaning. Then the question arises: Why live distanced from the ones we love? The ones that are still here, in this transient journey like us? Do people do it out of fear? Fear to live and fear to die, this makes no sense at all. But, you know how modern life feeds the fears in all of us. It's hard to escape from that.

Back to your brilliant story, I like the way you make it flow in a psychological time, more than a rational, linear, one. It gives the narrator a tridimensional, human, quality. And lets the reader follow you in every heartbeat. I like that it is full of images and objects you can almost touch.

We hope to have your talent in Mexico again sometime. Do not hesitate to contact me if you think you would like to give a reading/lecture for our Spanish speaking audience or if you would like more information on our current activities. We’d be honored to have you once again.

Best wishes.

Maja L. more than 12 years ago

It's like you were with me

It's like you were with me the last four years of my life. The details were so familiar. thank you

Jane more than 13 years ago

Hi there

I looked you up and

Hi there

I looked you up and this is what I found. Beautifully written, heart-wrenching story. The cycle of life, so natural and so difficult. I'd love to know more, and now you know where to find me. all best, Marusya

Marusya Bociurkiw more than 13 years ago

Dear Rowdy, Thank you so much

Dear Rowdy, Thank you so much for the time you took to really sit with this piece of writing and for writing from your own heart about it. It means so much to know a piece, especially this one, was caught from the air by a reader's hands and gently set back down on a level surface. Your niece will treasure that cookbook. All the best to you too. Julie

Anonymous more than 13 years ago

Sewing Cabinet

Hello Julie,My Mom passed away recently, my Dad preceding her by 10 years. Reading Sewing Cabinet was such a reminder of what I went through, being the primary caregiver, that I was overwhelmed with emotion.I too sat in those uncomfortable places watching Mom die (Ovarian cancer.) I too watched the people around her in the hospital and saw the same as you did. The struggling, the anger, the anguish, the frustration which life hands to the elderly.Mom was 90 when she went and one thing I will always cherish is her cookbook. An item given to her on her wedding day by someone I do not know, who's long since gone. That one item though is much like your sewing cabinet since I do not do much in the kitchen yet it is most dear to me. I intend to rebind the publication and pass it along to my niece since I have no children.I want you to know that your story is very good. The confusion, the timeline, the flow is all so very real when a person is in that situation that it brought back the hours, days and weeks for me that were both the worst and best of times.Watching her slowly die obviously being the worst. Being with her, learning about her life before I was born, who she was as a woman not as my Mom, hearing the stories never told before, and so much more, developed a closeness making it the best of times.I thank you for writing what can only be described in my mind as a mirror image of our experiences and the effects it has on me to this very day. I know that what you have put to page comes from deep within your soul. Thank you for sharing this with us.All the best to you and yours,Rowdy RhodesFreelance Writing Organization - Int'l

Rowdy Rhodes more than 13 years ago


I like the odd bits of detail that make this real. But I'm a little confused - are we in the nursing home, or the thoracic ward? Is one location a memory, or are there more than one episode here? Transitions are a bit vague.

M Dawn more than 13 years ago