The Life and Death of Zadie Avrohom Krolik

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Many thanks for the story. My father was born in Zuromin in 1923, and his family moved to Raciaz years later. My father Hersch Mayer Frankon came to Uruguay on Novembre 1st 1938. There was no more money for parents, brother and sister. They all died only G-d knows when, how and where. I would have loved to ask my father about Zadie. Shure he knew him, my father went to the cheder alltogether with Sol Plotka. Many thanks!!!

Jorge Frankon more than 6 years ago

Thank you

I am Hal's Uncle Victor's step daughter and pops was very important to me as is Victor to this day. I was looking for information on how to spell his name correctly so that our new son may bear it as his middle name. Pops was such a sweet man to me and how he loved his stories, but this essay sheds so much more light and depth on him that what I knew. I did not have as much time with him as Hal did, but I loved him as if he were mine. I am glad Hal shared this, as it has touched me and allowed me to know him just a little better.

Angela Manning more than 7 years ago

Wondering about NIna

I knew a Nina once in Montreal a beautiful young girl who came to our home because she once dated my older brother. She had the most beautiful eyes like a cat. Baron Byng stock, I believe..

Vardit Feldman more than 8 years ago

We knew him as Abie, our dear landlord.

From '82-86 we lived upstairs fro him & Theresa. He was generous - that's why he wasn't rich! We were too broke to pay a babysitter, so we would open our door and he would open his and we would go out for tea, while he made sure the girls stayed asleep. My husband Glenn had a new job, requiring business clothes, donated to him by a friend in To. Abie would tailor them to size - for a song. He was thrilled to have our girls play in the yard and my dad built a sandbox and we had b-day parties and planted a garden. My baby girl would back down the steps, all the way to the basement to get secret chocolates from him! When we moved, it was a sad day - he would keep the rent down to keep us as tenants, until we bought a house in Chomedey.
Knowing we were practicing Christians, he always called us down to watch Billy Graham with him and we took him and Theresa to a BG crusade in Montreal in 1983 (BG was ill and his brother-in-law took his place). He was deeply moved, but mindful of what non-Jews had done to him and his people in the war. We often had great theological discussions. It was wonderful. Over the years we would stop by and see him - I think the last time was around 2007. Still on Mountain Sights.
Today is Good Friday, 2014 and we got thinking about him, since we signed our first lease with him on a Good Friday and it was also Passover - it seemed a good sign of a long friendship.

Sandy Smith more than 9 years ago

Zadie Krolik

Lovely piece! I never knew my grandparents, though I understand they were Polish immigrants to Czechoslovakia. I think I'll adopt your Zadie to fill part of the gap. Vera

Vera Frenkel more than 11 years ago

your zaida

hal i just read your story on your zaida,and it brought some tears to my eyes because i totally remember him, he was funny, i did not know alot of what you wrote of him , but im glad you did . memories of our past makes my heart soar, thanks sam

sam olszynko more than 11 years ago

Personality and Success

What surprised me here was that Zaydie was so unsuccessful. With all the charm, persuasive power, focus and a willingness to work that you attribute to him, he would seem to have been destined for great success in business.

Recruiting Animal more than 11 years ago