In Season

Patty Osborne

When a friend gave me a copy of the CD In Season by Freddie Stone (Unity Records) she warned me that it was a bit odd. The main instrument on this CD is a flugelhorn—which looks to be what you would get if you heated up a trumpet, stretched it out, and bent it back around on itself. The dictionary says that flugelhorns are common in marching bands, but Freddie Stone just plays it all by himself, with a bit of piano, musical saw, and waterphone accompaniment. Also something called a cherootie, which I wasn't able to find in the dictionary. Simple melodies, somewhat jazzy, although several are based on folk tunes and one on a theme by Shostakovich. The first time I put this CD on my player I was stopped in my tracks by the beauty and clarity of the sound. It grabbed my attention and wouldn't let it go.

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Danielle Hubbard

The muse hunt

"The following resume / arrived by fax: One ex-military / man, 52, applying / for duty ..."

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The maple leaf no longer feels like a symbol of national pride.

Jonathan Heggen

A Thoughtful Possession

Review of "The Penguin Book of Japanese Short Stories" edited and translated by Jay Rubin.