My Messy Bedroom

Joelle Hann

I like good deals but sometimes a good tip will serve the same purpose. I was happy to find in Josey Vogels's My Messy Bedroom (Véhicule Press) an intriguing tip on buying bras. In the chapter called "Booby Trap" she answers the question I've always had: how do you find a bra that does the job it's supposed to? My mother tended to shoo me into the teen section and leave me there while she stood on the sidelines with her handbag. The bargain aisles of Eaton's and the Bay haven't taught me much about how a bra should fit or what it should feel like when it's doing its job. The chapter's opening sentence gives the store's coordinates: "Thee Lingerie Shoppe on Hamilton Street in Regina" and the next time I'm in Saskatchewan I plan to drop by. Vogels's chatter in favour of well-fitted bras is worth reading too, and helped banish the sugar-high feeling I got from reading her "fun" journalistic prose.

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