Only A Beginning: An Anarchist Anthology

S. K. Page

Everything you need to know about Anarchism in Canada can be found in Only A Beginning: An Anarchist Anthology (Arsenal Pulp), an enormous collection of anarchist writing and publishing in this country since 1976. Here is recorded the genesis and passing of such publications as Open Road (headline on the first edition: “Never Say Sorry to the Pentagon”), Bevy of Anarchists (“Mother, sister, nurturer—Just say no!”), Demolition Derby (“Abolish Montreal?—the Sooner the Better!”), No Picnic (“People, not Ism-oids!”), Demanarchie (“Le climat social annonce un été chaud”), Reality Now (“For Defense of Life on Earth”), Bulldozer (“The Only Vehicle for Prison Reform”), Endless Struggle (“Absolutely No Government”), Resistance (“The Struggle Continues”) and Kick It Over (“Sustaining Development or Developing Sustainability?”). Lots of great wild writing and art, and great wild analysis. This book is too big and heavy to read in bed (you might hurt your nose): put it on the coffee table or in the bathroom reading collection. Indexed, with informative intros but no biographical notes, a sad oversight: we want to know where these people are today.

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