Rookie Yearbook One


Mary Schendlinger, Senior Editor of Geist, learns to "Wear Knee Socks with Everything" from an exceptional blog turned print book by Tavi Gevinson.

Rookie Yearbook One, edited by Tavi Gevinson (Drawn & Quarterly) is a big, wild, jam-packed 352-page salute to North American teenage girl culture, consisting of some 125 writings and an explosion of photos, collages, drawings and graphic miscellany that puts one in mind of costume jewellery. Oh—and a page of stickers, a Crown of Love to snip out and wear, and a bright red vinyl 45 bound into the article “Life Skills 11” (Haggling, Scaling a Fence, Throwing a Punch, etc.).

The content is drawn from the first nine issues of, published during the 211–12 school year, and RookieMag grew out of Gevinson’s first blog, Style Rookie, which she started at age eleven. The confessions, interviews, taxonomies, playlists, rants, advice to the lovelorn and the gawky shine out from a youthful space in which the worst thing that can happen is a breakup with a female friend. Teenage girls who like themselves—who knew?

This is the home of “My First Feminist Action” and “Mod Makeup in Like Five Minutes” and “How to Bitchface” (Dip your head down and stare up from under the very tops of your eyelids), and the feature “Literally the Best Thing Ever,” which appears every month without qualification.

Only the Drawn & Quarterly team could take an exuberant, visually rich periodical born and bred digital, and translate it into print and make it look as if it started there. “Wear Knee Socks with Everything!”

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Mary Schendlinger is a writer, editor, retired teacher of publishing and, as Eve Corbel, a maker of comics. She was Senior Editor of Geist for twenty-five years. She lives in Vancouver.


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