The All Canadian Trivia Board Game

Rose Burkoff

One dark afternoon in December, a few of the Canadian-ephemera-loving Geist staff sat down to play The All Canadian Trivia Board Game (Outset Media). The board itself is a huge map of Canada, showing places from Victoria to Goose Bay via Iqaluit. As in Trivial Pursuit, players roll a die and move from town to town, answering questions about history, geography and the arts. The tokens you earn for correct answers are disappointingly flimsy and the map yawns with vast empty territories. Worse, the trivia questions vary wildly in degree of difficulty. You might earn a token simply by naming the Atlantic provinces, while your competition faces questions on our largest aluminum company, the years of the Canadian census or awards won by Canadian ballet duos. We played the game to the end but we were all saddened by this lost opportunity for Canadian trivia fun.

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