The Complete Life of Harmon du Prés

Lara Jenny

Have you been craving a bizarre literary treat that fits in your back pocket? The Pocket Canon series of chapbooks (Misprints Press) offers tiny beautiful books designed to evoke the flair of classic Penguin pocketbooks. And there’s another throwback to the literary past: each masterpiece is presented under the veil of anonymity. Pocket Canon #4, The Complete Life of Harmon du Prés, is a masterpiece of meandering nostalgia. An unnamed narrator reminisces about youthful encounters with Harmon in sometimes baffling vignettes, constructing a mysterious tale that is anything but complete. Four dollars a pop. Contact Pocket Canon at

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Sara Cassidy

The Lowest Tide

Nature’s sanctity is the only portal to the future.

Gabrielle Marceau

Main Character

I always longed to be the falling woman—impelled by unruly passion, driven by beauty and desire, turned into stone, drowned in flowers.

Michael Hayward

Sitting Ducks

Review of "Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands" by Kate Beaton.