The Complete Peanuts: Volume 1, 1950 to 1952

Sam Macklin

The Complete Peanuts: Volume 1, 1950 to 1952 by Charles M. Schulz (Fantagraphics) is the first in a series of deluxe hardback editions in which every single Peanuts comic strip will be reprinted, in order. Schulz was a consummate genius who created a graphic and literary world all his own. By repeating the same few basic tropes for half a century, he constantly refined and abstracted his technique until he had arrived at a bizarre personal cosmology with which he gently probed the eternal mysteries of philosophy and theology. He was also very funny. This is an enchanting volume that is fleshed out with some pretty interesting “bonus” materials, including a lengthy interview. What’s really interesting is how well the material has aged—perhaps because of Schulz’s middle-American desire not to offend anyone.

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Jeremy Colangelo

i is another

"my point that / i is but a : colon grown / too long"

Emily Chou

My Dad's Brother

(Or What Does Drowning Look Like).

Patty Osborne

Teenaged Boys, Close Up

Review of "Sleeping Giant" directed by Andrew Cividino and written by Cividino, Blain Watters and Aaron Yeger.