Waking Up With the Rock


The Rock Clock, an alarm clock application made in partnership with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (App Store), encourages you to set goals and a timeline for completing them. The Rock wakes you up in the morning and reminds you to achieve those goals, or, as he puts it, to “chase greatness.” You can set your own wake-up time or choose the Rock Time option, which wakes you up whenever The Rock is waking up, usually between four and six in the morning. There is no snooze option. You can choose from a number of songs and sounds to be woken up with, including Classic Alarm (The Rock saying “beep beep beep beep”) and Lovely Flute (The Rock whispering “wakey wakey” over the sound of pan flutes). My personal favourite is Good Morning Sunshine, in which The Rock strums a guitar and sings, “Good morning, sunshine / Yeah, that’s what The Rock just said / Open your eyes up / Get your candy ass out of bed.” Some mornings, you get a video message recorded by The Rock, in which he urges you to “gear up and get after it,” introduces you to any nearby friends and outlines his plans for the day. Other times, you get a photo of The Rock lifting weights, overlaid with a melodramatic inspirational quote, such as “Use the hard times of the past to motivate you today.” After installing the app I used it for a week, but I kept waking up an hour before the Rock Clock was set to go off. I think I was so excited to hear The Rock’s voice that I couldn’t stay asleep.

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