Talent Night

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Beautifully written.

Beautifully written.

Annonymous more than 13 years ago

Bruce McDougall short story

A sad tale but writing of this calibre is a joy to read.

Anonymous more than 13 years ago

Talend Night

Hello Bruce. Thank you for sharing that story with me/us. I find it very strong, emotional, well written. Images of the neighbourhoods came to me continually while I read. Images of the families, the moments, the thoughts going through your mind. It's a short story but one that is going to stay with me for a long time. You've written from the heart and it shows. Please keep me updated with any other writings.

al the best, Ian

Ian Crysler more than 13 years ago

TALENT NIGHT by Bruce McDougall

This tells me a lot, Bruce. It is very poignant! Congratulations and keep up the good work. JC

Joan McDougall Corrie more than 13 years ago

Talent Night

Bruce, it was more than a fair tell to be sure.
" If they’d asked me, I could have told them who he was."
I want to read more... I want you to tell me about who he was. Remember, often the process becomes the solution.

Cheers, John

John Cuddington more than 13 years ago

Talent Night

Very touching and accurate portrait of Western "Civilization". I have had similar experiences - been treated in similar ways on occation over the years.

Perhaps we should not look at this as a story but as a "mirror" ... we could all learn a few things about ourselves and our "culture" if we are prepared to honestly look.

That sort of "I am better than you because you are different than me" attitude has no place in our modern world. We are all One people living on One planet - there is no room anymore for petty differances ... let's set them aside and build a better world ... together.

Thank you to author Bruce McDougall for shareing this story.

Kevin DeSilva more than 13 years ago

what a great story

I can read your stuff all day long. You have such a way with making me feel as if I were right there beside you going thru your story.

You are about being real, keeping true and that's why I have always looked up to you.

God bless Brute...


Rose more than 13 years ago

Talent Night

Loved it.
Poignant, honest, real.
A lot of heart in it.

John Deacon more than 13 years ago

Really liked this story.

Really liked this story.

andrew stevenson more than 13 years ago