Facts collected from memory and whose accuracy cannot be guaranteed, from the zine Perhaps Facts

The healthiest fruit is guava. The second healthiest fruit is watermelon.

One of the first times embalming fluid was used was when Lincoln died. The body needed to be preserved while they took it on tour across the USA.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can induce hallucinations. A case has been recorded where an entire family believed they were being terrorized by ghosts. Turns out it was just faulty ventilation in their home.

The most deaths caused by a natural disaster in Canada’s history were from a heat wave that hit Ontario in the 1930s. Almost three hundred people died: half from heat exhaustion and the other half from drowning while trying to stay cool.

The letter J is the newest letter of the alphabet and was added fairly recently.

Because of all the preservatives we eat these days it takes longer for our bodies to decompose.

It’s important to get slivers out from under the skin as soon as possible. If a sliver goes too deep it can get into your bloodstream and work its way toward your heart, causing death.

There is no such thing as grey hair, only white hair.

Large species of dinosaurs had two brains: one located in the head and another one in the back.

There is a form of bacteria that grows in snow. It’s pink and smells like watermelon.

One bagel is equivalent to five pieces of bread.

Mosquitoes don’t necessarily need blood, but getting blood means their offspring will be stronger and have a better chance of survival. So if blood is available they’ll take it if they can get it.

A person who has taken LSD more than seven times is considered legally insane by a court of law and can be deemed an unreliable witness.

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