Demonstrating Affection

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"Sure they do!" I piped up gallantly,

"Hell - I do too!"
Forks clanged onto plates; Uncle Rob eased back in his chair as if to get a better view (maybe he was far-sighted, like me?)... Cousin Darryl snickered.
I warbled on, wide grin - and 3rd drink - smoothing back the threat of giggles, "And I'm TRying to imagine her wearing a dress.." Someone snorted - Uncle Rob, I think.
My smile sought the object of discussion. Ivan, leaning back in her chair with a jovial expression (just like Uncle Rob), appeared to be enjoying herself. She caught my eye and gave a demonstrative wink that opened up the sky, replacing nerves with magnanimity.
A pang of solidarity for sweet Aunt Cathy, fellow femme, forced away my focus long enough for me to add, "But I CaN imagine how pretty she must've looked!" Ivan sidled up suggestively. Easy laughs rippled round; revelry restored.
But underneath the table (where tender truths are often found), I felt her hand reach out for mine. How eagerly I grabbed that manly mitt and squeezed! How happily my heart leapt when, my hand enclosed in hers, she whispered affectionately in my ear "You really are the perfect girl for me."

[With apologies to the real girlfriend, if she -still- exists! All in good fun... And besides, it wouldn't work: I don't eat meat!]

doLLHouse SaRaH more than 12 years ago