The Geist Atlas of Canada

$25.00 (includes HST)

Compiled by Melissa Edwards, Introduction by Stephen Osborne. Published by Arsenal Pulp Press

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The Geist Atlas of Canada is packed with 50 maps from above the 49th parallel, including the Beer Map of Canada, the Hockey Map of Canada, the Donut Map of Canada and the Angst Map of Canada.

Each map is also accom­pa­nied by fast and furi­ous Canadian facts and trivia.

Hours of cartological diversion for the whole family!

The stellar Geist Atlas of Canada is the perfect gift for the Canadianaphile in your life.
—Calgary Herald

Addictive and endlessly fascinating, it’s the book equivalent of cashews. Try to read just one page. I dare you!
—Will Ferguson, author of Canadian History for Dummies