Geoff Inverarity

Grief’s a bastard. 

Turns up no notice on the doorstep whenever 

moves in doesn’t shower doesn’t shave 

won’t do dishes 

dirty laundry 

eats badly spends hours in the bathroom 

keeps you awake half the night 

shows no consideration 

puts a filter on all the views 

no matter how sunny it gets 

the place still looks like shit. 

Grief’s a bastard. 

Talks long distance drinks too much overmedicates can’t finish a book 

keeps flipping channels mutes the sound 

turns down the colour 

’til it’s all washed out 

faded away. 

Grief will travel anywhere in the world to be with you 

nothing too extravagant for Grief 

can take the whole sky 

paint it bloodred demolish cities 

call down storms 

turn forests to sawdust 

punch holes in mountain ranges 

bedroom doors. 

Speaks for you 

whether you like it or not 

even though there’s nothing left to say 

and no words left to say it with 

roars furious flails around 

when you ask him how things are the fucker tells you 

trails along behind on walks 

dead-eyed pathetic shuffles 

’til you wait up and turn 

taking a deep breath 

knowing what’s coming. 

Gets old acts distant suddenly doesn’t call for weeks 

then comes over with too much whiskey and a bag of crappy 

skunkweed just to keep you on your toes. 

Jumps you in an alley after a movie 

and while he’s beating you says 

we must keep working on this relationship.

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Geoff Inverarity

Geoff Inverarity is one of the founders of the Gulf Islands Film and Television School. He is also a father and an award-winning screenwriter, producer and poet who splits his time between Galiano Island and Vancouver. He is currently the president of the Galiano Literary Festival. His poetry collection All the Broken Things will be published next spring by Anvil Press.



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Geoff Inverarity


Grief’s a bastard.


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