Geist 101

Geist 101, Summer 2016.
Cary Fagan on sideshow oddities and a Jewish Huck Finn; Jill Mandrake's typewriter poetry; Dreams on the Richter scale collected by Rick Maddocks; Winners of the 12th Annual Postcard Story Contest; New fiction by Curtis LeBlanc.

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Also in Geist 101:

  • Michał Kozłowski battles a rodent infestation with peanut butter traps
  • Getting Bombed in Vancouver by Art Nuko
  • Scenic views and drunk passengers on a cross-Canada train with David Look
  • Eve Corbel searches for the perfect man-purse
  • Billeh Nickerson's lobster revenge fantasies
  • Skateboarding Spider-man, a live mermaid performer and other Toronto oddities
  • Vodka, deceit and walrus death at the Moscow Zoo
  • A list of stuff to do when your hometown is burning by Juliane Okot Bitek
  • Daniel Francis dissects the myth of tall tales at Bloody Falls
  • (See complete Table of Contents here)

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