Geist 102

Hinterland Who's Who poetry by C.R. Gilpin; Brent Lewin's Hong Kong neon photography; short fiction by Richard Kelly Kemick; a new flow chart by leannej.

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Also in Geist 102:

Michał Kozłowski on the road to Lenin's tomb

Failed Seances for Rita MacNeil by Lucas Crawford

Christine Novosel's restrictions on how to live life in Glasgow

Arthur Manuel's takeover of the Department of Indian Affairs

Stephen Henighan on writing what you can imagine

Riel Benn's Classic Rock series

Mary Schendlinger on translating a translation

Red lines from the Globe and Mail photographic archives

Editing a Russian newspaper with Evel Economakis

Eve Corbel's lesser-known emoji

Table of Contents 


Brent Lewin, "Neon Hour"

Richard Kelly Kemick, "Gravity"

C.R. Gilpin, "Hinterland Who's Who"

leannej, "Collision Course"


Michał Kozłowski, "In the Flesh"

Evel Economakis, "Leningrad Redact"

Sylvia Symons, "Goodafternoon, Spruceland Chrysler"

Christine Novosel, "Stuck on the Grid"

Małgorzata Nowaczyk, "Ad Infinitum"

Thad McIlroy, "Check-Out"

Eve Corbel, "Some Lesser-Known Emoji"

M.A.C. Farrant, "Selected Days"


Images from Riel Benn's "Classic Rock" series

Arthur Manuel, "Occupy Indian Affairs"

Robin Durnford, "Death of a Fisherman"

Image from Eugenia Loli's "Roast Collection" tetraptych

Lucas Crawford, "Failed Seances for Rita MacNeil"

Peter Desbarats, "La Pluie Montréalaise"

Jennifer Zilm, "Stanza Is the Italian Word for Room"

Harry Callahan, "Cairo"

Doug Diaczuk, "Blood and Berries"

Images from "The Games Are Open" by Folke Köbberling and Martin Kaltwasser

Phil Hall, "Festivities"

Eric Dupont, "Trouble at the Henhouse"

Self-Indulgent Turds: Reviews of Canadian art institutions from Google and Yelp

Claudio Gaudio, "Say Anything"


"Natural Questions" by Rob Kovitz, FAQ

"Write What You Can Imagine" by Stephen Henighan, Afterlife of Culture

"Dictionary Story" by Alberto Manguel, City of Words

"Shady Characters" by Mary Schendlinger, Perfect Bound


"Red Line," AnnMarie MacKinnon

ENDNOTES: Featuring reviews of

Services provided by International Plumbing and Forum Appliances Ltd.

A Pillow Book by Suzanne Buffam

The Horrors: An A to Z of Funny Thoughts on Awful Things by Charles Demers

I Cycled into the Arctic Circle: A Peregrination by James Duthie and Matt Hulse

Slammed in the Butthole by my Concept of Linear Time by Chuck Tingle

Aim for the Roses (Opus 59 Films)

Known and Strange Things by Teju Cole

The Orange Grove by Larry Tremblay, translated by Sheila Fischman

Some Rain Must Fall by Karl Ove Knausgaard

Tinkers by Paul Harding

In Particular, barbara findlay, directed by Becca Plucer


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