Geist 104

Geist 104, Spring 2017.
Jonah Samson's vintage found photography after Waiting For Godot; Downtown East Side poetry suite by Henry Doyle; A history of Canadian snack food by Janis Thiessen; New short fiction by Shannon Webb-Campbell.

Geist 104

Also in Geist 104:

  • Evel Economakis lives the life of a materiel marauder in Russia
  • Barbara Zatyko wakes up with nine fingers after a dog bite
  • Beth A. Robertson on the exclusion of women from the study of psychic phenomena
  • Veronica Gaylie sings the praises of the omnipresent plaid jacket
  • Merilyn Simonds on Plato, Socrates and saying "no" to the written word
  • Leonard Bilski gives helpful tips on things not to do in prison
  • Jacinda Mack deconstructs colonial newcomer "history"
  • Stephen Henighan investigates crude first steps towards talking about racial reality
  • Daniel Francis on the Big Bang Theory of Canadian History
  • (See complete Table of Contents here)
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