Geist 105

Geist 105, Summer 2017. Editor-in-residence: Jordan Abel.
"Paradise," a visceral new poem by Evelyn Lau; Stills from a 360-degree immersive video project documenting the economics of immigration by Michel Huneault and Sarah R. Champagne; A philosophy student with an affection for Heidegger survives three months’ hard labour in "Shack Stories" by Andrew Boden.

Geist 105, the Summer 2017 issue of Geist magazine, the Canadian literary magazine of ideas and culture—fact + fiction, photography and comix, essays, reviews, and the weird and wonderful from the world of words.

Also in Geist 105:

  • Lisa Bird-Wilson on outdated Canadiana and reading Indigenously
  • Petronius Totem recruits "Art Warriors" for an ill-considered art project
  • Mary Schendlinger dissects Sartre, de Beauvoir and her daughter's cat, Lulu
  • Correspondence between Jane Rule and Rick Bébout
  • Leanne Betasamosake Simpson faces the complexities of bro-code at a gun safety course
  • Whitney French examines the root of cultural appropriation
  • Naomi Harris photographs a rapidly-gentrifying old folks home in Florida
  • Alberto Manguel unravels "the crafting of untruth" in modern journalism
  • (See complete Table of Contents here)

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