Geist 106

Geist 106, Fall 2017. Editor-in-residence: Jordan Abel.
"Folk Song," a new short story that looks at love and loss from Stephen Smith; Carol Sawyer examines the exclusivity of modernism in The Natalie Brettschneider Archive; winners of the 13 Annual Literal Literary Postcard Contest.

Geist 106, the Fall 2017 issue of Geist magazine, the Canadian literary magazine of ideas and culture—fact + fiction, photography and comix, essays, reviews, and the weird and wonderful from the world of words.

Also in Geist 106:

  • Stephen Osborne on surviving the expectation of an earthquake
  • A selection of rejected British Columbia vanity plates
  • Scaachi Koul explains the truth about Indian weddings
  • Mary Schendlinger shines a light on the under-appreciated Blanche Knopf of Alfred A. Knopf Inc.
  • Gwen Benaway finds that what she wants is herself
  • Alberto Manguel investigates the human obsession with ranking our sins
  • (See complete Table of Contents here)

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