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Geist 108, Spring 2018.
Lisa Bird-Wilson on claiming Indigenous identities and the Indian Act; Connie Kuhns on 50 years of Joni Mitchell reviews; Alberto Manguel makes peace with the devil; Jocelyn Kuang prepares her grandfather for the afterlife.


Also in Geist 108:

Winners of the Erasure Poetry Contest

The Found Polaroid Project

Mary Schendlinger on the world's most wanted pen

Tips on arranging your bookshelf

Guide to academic language: knowledge production, critique, progress, and other gobbledygook!

The human gene sweepstake betting book

Gale Smallwood-Jones on working life for a girl in the 1960s

A poem from the Detriot zoo bathroom, 1979

English for foreigners

The Marijuana Map of Canada 

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