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Geist 113, Summer 2019. 
Stephen Henighan examines the decline of left nationalism in Canada; Duncan Cairns-Brenner captures intimate moments in the bedrooms of strangers; Miriam Libicki recalls accusations that she was an unfit parent after letting her children play outside; Hàn Fúsēn wanders around town with a writer of magic realism.


Also in Geist 113:

Shyla Seller meets a mummy named Jutmosa

Patrick Lane remembers poet Al Purdy 

Chernobyl aftermath unveils the resilience of nature

Kris Rothstein reviews Fleishman Is in Trouble

Michał Kozłowski shares San Francisco with his Polish cousin

The Fever: Canadian history in the form of tarot cards

Alberto Manguel compares Marilla of Green Gables to the Wife of Bath

Embark on an expedition into the mind of a dog with Geoff Inverarity

Are monsters like Godzilla the heroes our planet deserves?

Kristen Den Hartog investigates her ancestors, unlocking old mysteries

The National Map of Canadian Booze

The WINNERS of the 15th Annual Literal Literary Postcard Story Contest

…and the world’s most difficult crossword puzzle!

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