Geist 115

Winners of the 5th Occasional Erasure Poetry Contest; James Pollock and the rhythmic churn of an unbalanced drum; Randy Fred remembers the heady days of psychedelics; Joe Bongiorno attends an amateur wrestling slugfest; Alberto Manguel on literature and morality.

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Also in Geist 115:

Jen Bieber on living in the smallest, oldest house on the block

“Voyage to the Bottom of the Out” by Jill Mandrake

Stephen Henighan on the package-deal paradise of the Dominican Republic

Hàn Fúsēn runs into trouble in Chinatown

“Killing me the rest of the way” by Henry Doyle

Deadly swim etiquette by J.R. McConvey

New fiction from Cary Fagan

Photographs from the Native Indian/Inuit Photographers’ Association

On being and Meatloaf by Mathieu Poulin

The National Map of Entomology

…and the world’s most difficult crossword puzzle!

Table of Contents


#NoFilterNeeded: The Photography of Native Indian/Inuit Photographers' Association


Erasure Lit, Winners of the 5th Occasional Erasure Poetry Contest

Cary Fagan, "Laughing Heir"

James Pollock, "Durable Goods"


"Little Trouble in Chinatown" by Hàn Fúsēn 

"Voyage to the Bottom of the Out" by Jill Mandrake

“Piledrivin' Patriots” by Joe Bongiorno

"Little House" by Jen Bieber

"Seeing Things" by Randy Fred

"Killing Me the Rest of the Way" by Henry Doyle


Kyo Maclear fights the existential wonkies 

“Letter to Berton from the Lift Lock at Peterborough, ON” by D.A. Lockhart 

On being and Meatloaf by Mathieu Poulin 

"It Could Be a Virus" by Alessandra Naccarato

Alien abductions and pizza planets by Cole Pauls 

Deadly swim etiquette by J.R. McConvey 

Kat Verhoeven on smoking and dieting 

Another woman in Canada: one-star reviews of Alice Munro’s Dear Life 

"I Am A City Still But Soon I Shan’t Be” by Roger Farr

First Degree Character Assasination

Venus’s Fifth Dimension, Vegas’ Flashing Decadence and Victoria’s Frank Disinterest 

Lindsay Wong survives a full-fledged Woo-Woo hurricane

Your lives, our lives and their lives by Simon Brousseau 

"My After School Haikus" by nathan dueck

Howard Chackowicz sketches woulda-shoulda-has-beens

"black feminist" by Jillian Christmas


Stephen Henighan, “Taíno Tales”

Alberto Manguel, “Literature and Morality”

ENDNOTES: Featuring reviews of

How the Girl Guides Won the War by Janie Hampton, reviewed by Mary Schendlinger

The Baudelaire Fractal by Lisa Robertson, reviewed by Michael Hayward

Because Internet: Understanding the New Rules of Language by Gretchen McCulloch, reviewed by Kelsea O'Connor

Strange Planet by Nathan W. Pyle, reviewed by Michael Hayward

The Bakers Wife a film by Marcel Pagnol, reviewed by Michael Hayward

Dominoes at the Crossroads by Kaie Kellough, reviewed by Patty Osborne

Babylon Berlin a television series by Tom Tykwer, Achim von Borries and Hendrik Hanloegten, reviewed by Anson Ching

How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy by Jenny Odell, reviewed by Michael Hayward

An Orchestra of Minorities by Chigozie Obioma, reviewed by Anson Ching

The Glorious Mountains of Vancouver’s North Shore: A Peakbagger’s Guide, reviewed by Michael Hayward



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