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Geist 118 
Randy Fred and Celia Haig-Brown on residential schools and the long road to justice; New fiction by Susie Taylor; Daniel Canty walks the curve of the contagion; Carmen Tiampo on red skies, political bubbles and giggling babies.


Also in Geist 118:

Border photography by Michel Huneault

Véronique Darwin invites you to play Panoply, Virus Twister and Personal Shame Jenga

Alberto Manguel on slowness in Portugese culture

Tiffany Hsieh on her Ba, Ma and her church on Queen

Morgan Murray on Newfoundland dialects

Onomatopoeic poetry by James Pollock

Chris Bose on foreign buzzwords and sophisticated begging

Pigeon Lore, Amish Hawaiian Adventures and other astonishing books found at the Vancouver Public Library

Photos of Vancouver Chinatown taken in 1956 by a mystery photographer and developed 50 years later by Christine Hagemoen

“Subject Verb Object” by Ian Williams

Naomi K. Lewis tells the story of her nose

Gregory Betts on skinny dipping in a sea of potato chips

Teleportation comics by Bernice Wicks

…and the world’s most difficult crossword puzzle!

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