Geist 119 on Newsstands now!

Geist 119 
Notes & Dispatches by Sara Cassidy, Stephen Smith and others; New fiction by K’ari Fisher; Dr. Cheryl Thompson on dismantling the myth of the hero; Winners of the Occasional Geist Short Long-Distance Writing Contest


Also in Geist 119:

Kristen den Hartog on Canadian soldiers and the miracle invention of insulin

New poetry by James Pollock, Terence Byrnes and Henry Doyle

Robyn Ludwig on black velvet paintings

Christie de purée de crisse and other French-Canadian curses

“Ethical Remembering” by Lisa Bird-Wilson

Buttons from The ArQuives, the largest independent LGBTQ2+ archive in the world

Stephen Henighan on “Reheated Races” in Africa

New subject headings at the Vancouver Public Library: Sea bunny, rural gay men and more

…and the world’s most difficult crossword puzzle!

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