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Geist 120 
Notes & Dispatches by Jill Boettger, Tara McGuire, Natasha Greenblatt and others; New fiction by David Clerson; Sadiqa de Meijer on on practicing medicine in a prison town;Winners of the 17th Annual Geist Literal Literary Postcard Story Contest

“Territory 60” by Tristesse Seeliger, 2016, map collage on panel.

Also in Geist 120:

“Baby Stripper” by Cid V. Brunet

Comics by Samuel Cantin and Michel Hellman

New poetry by Evelyn Lau

Sylvia Tran on “The Remains of a Journey” by Gu Xiong

“Cree Dictionary” by Dallas Hunt

“Shelter in Place” by Finn Wylie

Stephen Henighan on “Transatlantic Fictions” and Alberto Manguel on “Arms and Letters”

More artists in this issue: Aimée Henny Brown, Angela Fama, Andrée-Anne Guay, Emily Marbach, Kriss Munsya, Shannon Pawliw and Tristesse Seeliger

…and the world’s most difficult crossword puzzle!

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