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Geist 121 
Notes & Dispatches by Connie Kuhns, Jeremy Colangelo, Danielle Hubbard and many more, alongside an in memoriam for Norbert Ruebsaat written by Stephen Osborne; New fiction by Spencer Lucas Oakes; A portfolio on Ronnie Tessler’s close range rodeo photos 

Reclined Yellow Petal, 2020, collage by Sondra Meszaros, courtesy Norberg Hall

Also in Geist 121:

“G is for Gaslighting” by Virginia Konchan

Alien greetings by Dakota McFadzean

“Walking in the Wound” by Judy LeBlanc

Stephen Osborne on remembering Norbert Ruebsaat in “Waiting for Language”

“My Money and My Daughter Go to Cornell” by Kellee Ngan

“Strangers to Bats to Lovers” by Kelsea O’Connor

Stephen Henighan on “Collateral Damage”

More artists in this issue: Eldred Allen, Eruoma Awashish, Nicola MacNeil, Sondra Meszaros, Debra Rooney, Farihah Aliyah Shah and Adrian Stimson

…and the world’s most difficult crossword puzzle!

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