Geist 125

Notes & Dispatches from Eimear Laffan, J.R. Patterson, and rob mclennan; New fiction by Angélique Lalonde; Feature essay from Minelle Mahtani; Poetry from Jade Wallace and Jane Shi, and much more!

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In Geist 125


“Lady with the Big Head Chronicle” by Angélique Lalonde

“Dear Nani” by Zinnia Naqvi

“Knot After Knot of Tomorrow” by Jane Shi

“Looking for a Place to Happen” by Minelle Mahtani


“The Trap Door” by Eimear Laffan

“True at First Flight” by J.R. Patterson

“Elizabeth Smart’s Rockcliffe Park” by rob mclennan

“Drinking Games with Ghosts” by Jade Wallace


“Cart of Misplaced Tomes” by Brooke Lockyer

“Rollovers” by Matthew Gwathmey

“Bookish” by Amanda Etches

“Gramps vs. the Real Santa” by G.A. Grisenthwaite

“Ina Big, Sea-Blue Boeing” by Caroline Dawson

“Ineffable Feelings” by John Koenig

“Instead of ‘Aray!’ say ‘Ouchie!’” by Jennilee Austria-Bonifacio

“Awake For Ever” by Ali Blythe

“Ode to Big Two, Hakka Noodles, and the Most Canadian Place on Earth” by Arjun Bedi

“Some Terms Used in Texts” by Erin Noteboom

“Textiles of the Real” by Renée Sarojini Saklikar


Orwell: The New Life by D.J. Taylor, reviewed by Daniel Francis

The Invention of the Other, directed by Bruno Jorge, reviewed by Anson Ching

A Primer for Forgetting: Getting Past the Past by Lewis Hyde, reviewed by Michael Hayward

A Guest in the House by Emily Carroll, reviewed by Kelsea O’Connor

Iron Curtain Journals: January–May 1965 by Allen Ginsberg, reviewed by Michael Hayward

The Last Grain Race by Eric Newby, reviewed by Anson Ching

Antkind, directed by Charlie Kaufman, reviewed by Michael Hayward


Artists in this issue: Jenny Bou, Rebecca Clouâtre, Alexander Hernandez, Paige Jung, Nandita Ratan, Marika Echachis Swan/ ƛ̓upinup, and Diane Twombly.


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